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Kowaremono 1&2

Kowaremono 1&2

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<p>Two Episodes of Steaming Hot Hentai Action!</p><p>Part 1 – Aki is an "Andmaid" (half android, half maid) created to disguise herself as an ordinary house keeper. Her mission is to capture samples of high-quality sperm from Kenichi, but she ends up with more than what she came for when she is kidnapped and altered. Will she end up as an android that was made just to be a slave doll?</p><p>Part 2 – The erotic adventures of Aki continue. In part two, Aki's sperm collecting days are over. Rather than being scrapped, she serves an eccentric professor as his maid, and she can now transform into a super-heroine. A plot more twisted than the last. How will her android heart react to finding love from a new master?</p>




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